Deliver ~We deliver an exceptional product or service in a timely and efficient manner.

Integrity ~ We provide honest and morally professional services to all clients.     

Satisfaction ~ We seek to provide a high percentage of client satisfaction.  

Thoroughness ~ We will deliver a written product that has been thoroughly reviewed by the company and client before agreeing on the final product.  
​Ingenuity ~ We provide original and professional writings.
Neat ~ We provide accurate and clean writings that are organized and skillfully prepared by a professional.

Consistent ~ We provide consistently great services to satisfy all clients and abide by all terms and conditions listed in the signed agreements.  
​Teamwork ~ We collaborate with all clients to ensure everyone is satisfied with the final product. 

Distinct Consulting Services is passionate about providing a vast array of consulting services to individuals and organizations by helping them to foster an improved image both professionally and personally. Distinct Consulting Services plans to implement this purpose by following its mission, vision and core values daily. 


The mission is to provide clients with professional and exceptional quality consulting services. We thrive to develop and encourage professionals to maintain a professional image at all times. We present innovative and awe-inspiring workshops and seminars to increase professional growth. Our mission is to not only assist those already in their career but also those individuals trying to break into their career field.

Our vision is to refine and develop, individuals, businesses, and the community by providing exceptional professional development and coaching.